Order From Chaos: The Making of Breaking Wave from ASKlabs Productions on Vimeo.

In February 2014 we helped document the installation of the Breaking Wave sculpture by Plebian Design (Jeff Lieberman) and Hypersonic (Bill Washabaugh) in the lobby of Biogen IDEC's Cambridge, MA location. The resulting 13-minute film "Order From Chaos: The Making of Breaking Wave" by Alberta Chu tells the story of two friends who often collaborate to create large-scale kinetic artworks. Lieberman, a mathematician and physicist, and Washabaugh, an engineer, dream up and build the impossible. The video follows the creation of the Breaking Wave sculpture from conception to installation.

The Filmmaker would like to thank Steve Hollinger, Gwylim Johnstone, Pagan Kennedy, Murray Robinson, Katie Treidl, and Wendy Wunder, in addition to Jeff Lieberman, David Small, and Bill Washabaugh.

PRESS COVERAGE (Video Web Release: August 26, 2014)
Creators Project
For more information on the Breaking Wave sculpture please visit Hypersonic's Breaking Wave Project Page.