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Many thanks to all for the 'Good Ink!'


The Boston Globe (Nov. 2012) "Art and Science Collide in 'Lightning Dreams'" by Ethan Gilsdorf (PDF above)

The Boston Globe (Nov. 2012) "Boston Area To-Do List: Volts on the Farm" by June Wulff

The Boston Globe (Jan. 2004) "Sculpting Success" by Christine Temin (PDF above)

The Boston Phoenix (Jan. 2004) "Museum Pieces: Richard Serra and Donald Judd at the MFA" by Gerald Peary (PDF above)

San Antonio Current (Oct. 2000) "Any Which Way They Can" by Nick Burns (PDF above)

Monday Magazine (Sept. 2000) "More Matter: Picks from the final Week of Antimatter" by David Leach (PDF above)

LA New Times (Sept. 2000) "Celluloid Buffet" by Gregory Weinkauf (PDF above)

WEB (8/26/14) "Watch 800 Wooden Balls Shape-Shift Into a Perfect Spiral" by Liz Stinson
FastCo Create (8/26/14) "Find Order in Chaos with This Kinetic Sculpture that captures the Essence of Science" by Dan Solomon
The Creators Project (8/26/14) "A Kinetic Sculpture Arranges 804 Orbs From Order to Chaos" by Johnny Magdaleno

Nerd Nite Boston 9/30/13 "Art and Science: Bedfellows" (Sept. 2013)

Artsake: The Mass Cultural Council Blog "Separate or Integrate Your Art with Your Other Life?" by Dan Blask (Aug. 2013)

Boston Museum of Science: Lectures at the Museum "Lightning Strikes" Event. Panel Discussion featuring Alberta Chu, Greg Leyh, Daniel Davis (Mar. 2013)

The Boston Globe (Mar. 2013) "The 25 Most Stylish Bostonians" by Marni Elyse Katz. Photographer Essdrass Suarez

Photonights Boston Blog "The ASKlabs Pinterest Photo Contest" by Katie Noble (Jan. 2013)

The Arts Fuse "Coming Attractions in Film" by Tim Jackson (Dec. 2012) 

MIT Edgerton Center Video Gallery (Oct. 2012) 

MIT Video "Putting It Together: The Modular Car" (Sept. 2012)  

Atomic Filmmakers 1999 Co-Produced by Alberta Chu (July 2012) 

Rob Garrett, Curator "The Farm: Alan Gibbs. Exclusive Tour" (June 2009) 


Four Letter Word by Julia Swanson "Interview with Alberta Chu of ASKlabs" (Nov. 2013)

Writing Without Paper "Anish Kapoor's Dismemberment Site I" by Maureen E. Doallas (May 2013) 

SOWA Boston "Documentary Filmmaker Alberta Chu: ASKlabs" by Liz Cahill (Mar. 2013) 

Writing Without Paper "Richard Serra's Te Tuhirangi Contour" by Maureen E. Doallas (Jan. 2013) 

Astrid Lium, Writer "Filmmaker Alberta Chu: The Science of Art" (Oct. 2012) "Serra Documentary at MIT 5/18" by Greg Allen (May 2005) 

BoingBoing (Mar. 2000) "My Friend Alberta Chu is an Incredible Documentary Filmmaker" by Mark Frauenfelder