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We have helped to create programming for Paramount, The Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century Fox, National Geographic, USA Networks/Sci-Fi Channel, Warner Bros. Telepictures, The Discovery Networks/The Learning Channel (TLC), TechTV/CNET, MTV Networks and Lucasfilm Ltd. Our scope of work has ranged from set design and script consultation for science-fiction movies, to documentaries on cutting-edge scientific research. Investigating innovative ideas and remarkable projects has led us to stories in the areas of: robotics, reproductive biology, genetics, cyborg evolution, movie special effects, technology subcultures, building and engineering, world speed records, and marine biology.


Sightings: Bioperfection Building a New Human Race (Sci-Fi Channel/USA Networks, 1998)
Produced a 2-hour special exploring the possibility of cyborg evolution. Featuring Stephen Hawking, Garry Kasparov, Michio Kaku, William Gibson, David Brin, Lawrence Krauss. 

Fear/Animal Nightmares (Animal Planet/National Geographic, 2002)
Directed and Co-Produced episodes for a series documenting the process of animal phobics undergoing treatment to overcome their fears.

Masters of Fantasy (Sci-Fi Channel/USA Networks, 1998)
Produced an award-winning series of science-fiction biographies featuring Gale Anne Hurd, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Hayao Miyazaki, John Carpenter, Chris Carter, Harlan Ellison. Winner of award; Best Writing/Research - Houston Worldfest Film Festival 1999

From Star Wars to Star Wars: The History of Industrial Light and Magic (FOX, 1999)
Produced a one-hour special on the evolution of movie special effects hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. Featuring Harrison Ford, Bob Hoskins, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard. 

The Atomic Filmmakers (Discovery Channel)
Conducted interviews with the US military cinematographers who filmed the highly classified first atomic test explosions in the Southwest during WWII.

The Clone Age (TLC/Discovery Networks) A 1-hour special on the possibilities and implications of human cloning. Featuring Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut, creator of the first cloned sheep, Dolly (may she rest in peace).

Monster Machines (Discovery Channel)
Directed segments for a series about enormous earth-moving and construction machines.

Big Thinkers (Proposal)
Wrote and developed a series of profiles of Silicon Valley innovators for TechTV/CNET

Hackers (Proposal)
Wrote and developed a documentary miniseries proposal about individuals and technology subcultures exploring the unintended consequences of technology. 

FutureCulture (Website) Produced a website in collaboration with graphic designer Ray Larabie about technologies that may change what it means to be human.