Alberta Chu is founding director of ASKlabs, a boutique digital content production company, established in Boston in 2003 to serve creative technologists and artist-scientist collaborations. As cultural producer, digital content creator, filmmaker, and independent curator, Chu works in collaboration with scientists, engineers and artists to develop engaging content and experiences that bring creativity and innovation to global audiences. 

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Alberta Chu has produced and directed award-winning documentaries that explore the intersection of science and art. Previously in Los Angeles, she worked to create non-fiction popular science programming for major TV networks such as PBS, Discovery, Fox, and National Geographic. Her work has been exhibited at science centers and art museums, including The Exploratorium, Boston Museum of Science, and the National Gallery of Art (DC). Trained as a biologist, Chu has worked as science consultant to the entertainment industry.


In 2014, Chu co-founded Facetopo, an ongoing global citizen science project to study facial diversity in adult humans. As Facetopo’s Project Manager, Alberta works directly with app developers, software engineers, data scientists, and designers to develop the Facetopo mobile app at the project’s core. Facetopo has exhibited with: AAAS, USA Science and Engineering Festival, Cambridge Science Festival, Hubweek, Cambridge Innovation Center, and SciStarter. 

Alberta Chu is an arts advocate in Boston. She serves in an advisory capacity to non-profit arts organizations Catalyst Conversations and Now+There. Alberta is an active supporter of the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Emerson Contemporary Media Arts Gallery, and Boston Art Review. In 2017, Alberta partnered with Boston artists to produce the Nasty Women Boston Art Exhibition and Sale in Boston's SOWA gallery district. 


Alberta is skilled at leading teams through all stages of complex projects, from concept ideation to delivery. With over a decade of experience as a cultural producer, popularizer of science, arts advocate, and community-builder in the Boston area, Alberta knows what truly drives public engagement and sold-out launches and events: it’s about connecting with your audience (and free refreshments!) Alberta has produced successful events, exhibitions, experiences, and programs that amplify public engagement with science, technology and art.


Alberta holds a BS in Biology from University of California, San Diego.


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