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ASKlabs is pleased to be a Venue partner for Hello World a global internet art exhibition by TransCultural Exchange (Director: Mary Sherman).


The Hello World global internet art exhibition was inspired by the Italian balcony singers during the COVID-19 pandemic and is meant to be a gesture of kindness and solace, an expression of artists’ efforts around the world to create, inspire, and connect during challenging times. We invite global audiences to open eyes, ears, and minds to experience hundreds of artworks: music, dance, film, painting, and installations by contemporary artists working from Argentina to Zambia.

- TransCultural Exchange

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On June 20, 2020, on the summer (winter) solstice, 100+ international artists participated in the Hello World Launch and Artist Reception (remote) to share about their work. The event was viewed by an audience of 3.5K on Facebook Live.

20 global artists attend a remote artist reception for the launch of the "Hello World" online art exhibition

ASKlabs is pleased to present the work of NY, USA artist and designer Sawad Brooks at Hello World. Sawad Brooks' works are digital films created with words found on the internet: "Unititled 1 (I'm in a mood for you / For Running Away)" and "Untitled 2 (I'm in a mood for you / For Running away)." The latter is exhibited in the Hello World exhibition (Video Commentary gallery).

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