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ASKLABS NEWSLETTER: Spring/Summer 2013

Updated: May 26, 2020

ASKlabs is a documentary film company exploring the intersections of science, art, and culture. We are currently developing several film and video projects at various stages:

  • Inside the Sciart Laboratory

  • Coral and Climate Change

  • Our Genes: The Big Picture

The ASKlabs Blog covers science and art events, tech subcultures, science documentaries, science on the web, and science communication. Check it out!

Please get in touch if anyone in your networks may be interested in supporting our work. Join us on Facebook: ASKlabs Documentary Film and Twitter: @ASKlabsAlberta.

COMING SOON: Nerdnite! Sept. 30

Alberta talks SciArt. Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA

L-R: Embryonic stem cell engineering, LA, CA; Survival Research Labs’ telepresence robot, SF, CA; The Electrum sculpture high-voltage testing, SF, CA.


July brought us to Micronesia where we researched stories for a documentary on coral conservation and climate change. We spent time with marine biologists and iconic conservationists, and scouted locations. Conditions were excellent for exploring the incredibly diverse underwater coral ecosystems there.

Boston Science and Art:

L-R: Synergy Exhibits Ocean Stories at the Museum of Science; ICA Gala invite; With Amanda Palmer at the ICA Gala

  • In March, the Broad Institute’s VIZBI (Visualizing Biology) 2013 conference was essential in researching our documentary about data visualization and genomics.

  • In support of our project “Inside the Sciart Laboratory” we attended Eli Kintisch’s Art and Science Blender in April and launched a social media partnership with Synergy Exhibits (Twitter: @sciart_synergy). Supported by MIT, WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), and Brown, Synergy Exhibits bring new audiences to science with their innovative art exhibitions borne of artist and scientist collaborations.

  • The Concord Dialogues: By assembling an accomplished and diverse group of artists and scientists, Bill Isaacs of Dialogos and Deborah Davidson of Catalyst Conversations engineered a dialogue that shattered cross-disciplinary myths for scientists and artists alike; ultimately we are all in search of awe.


  • We hope you were able to attend one of our Winter screenings. Thanks for your support!

  • We were thrilled to serve on the planning committee for the ICA Boston Spring Gala.

  • @sciobeantown the Boston chapter of ScienceOnline® is up and running. We hold monthly Tweetups for science communicators, writers, and bloggers. September’s event will feature @BoraZ the Blogfather himself.

  • We are excited about Nerdnite! See you Monday Sept. 30th: #Sciart with @AsklabsAlberta followed by “Genomics Social Networking” with @ASKmr.

Please feel free to forward this, our very first NEWSLETTER: ASKlabs Spring/Summer 2013 to interested friends and colleagues. Here's the PDF.

Alberta Chu, Filmmaker August 2013

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Top of page photo credit: detail from Thomas Quine (Coral strands 2) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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