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GRATITUDE: 2013 Edition

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

ASKlabs has so many to thank - friends and colleagues who daily inspire with their creativity, knowledge, and style. So in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, here’s a little appreciation for all the intellectual and artistic sustenance, the family and friends, and the hard work, that together keep ASKlabs going. 

DP Stephen McCarthy thanks for shooting the MIT video "Putting it Together the Modular Car," my first microdocumentary (only 3 minutes long) -- that was a productive day! Alex Hogan, your hip and clever animations make the film pop. Composer P. Andrew Willis your tunes brought it all together. Editor Stephanie Munroe, always a pleasure!

Cinematographer Jason Harmon it was great working with you on the Nerdgirls "Meet Dr. Karen" video as well as the Advent school's 50th anniversary video "Building the Future" - you have a great eye! 

Cinematographers Scottie McKinnon in New Zealand and David Safian now in San Francisco, and Editors Monica Gillette and Sabrina Zanella-Foresi, your talents made the "Lightning Dreams" and "Electrum" films shine.

My sister Camille Chu has put her fine finishing touch on the film titles for "Lightning Dreams," "New Form at the Farm: Anish Kapoor," "Seeing the Landscape: Richard Serra" and the "Electrum" documentary. How lucky I am to be related to such talent! 

The Post-Production team for "New Form at the Farm" rocked! Editor Stephanie Munroe, Animator Tim Kennedy and the crew at Modulus: Eric Masunaga, Evan Schwenterly, Frank McDonnell and Damon Addleman. Thank you to New Zealand DP Stuart Page who shot the gorgeous aerial pickups which for "New Form at the Farm." The late Rob Morsberger created an upbeat rock'n roll score for the film.

"Lightning Dreams," The Advent School" video and "Putting it Together the Modular Car" were all posted at Modulus - thanks guys!

"Seeing the Landscape" was an amazing film to make. I worked with local NZ crews - Graham Bennett, and got to visit Gibbs Farm twice to shoot. Back in Boston, Editors Stephanie Munroe and Geoff Birmingham chopped away with a timely consult from Jon Neuburger. The late Ray Loring created the film's beautiful musical score. We posted sound with Richard Bock and Mark Steele did our color correction. 

A big thanks to these filmmakers for their support: Tracy Strain, Randy MacLowry, Bill Lattanzi, Jocelyn Glatzer, Allie Humenek, Courtney Hayes, Sarah Colt, and Rachel Clark. And of course a heartfelt thank you to LA-based Jon Kroll who taught me so much when I was starting out.

L: Mummelgrummel [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Gratitude to Boston friends and neighbors, who are both artistically and technically brilliant, always there to talk about ideas or review a rough cut: Fritz Klaetke and Susan Battista of Visual Dialogue, Polly Becker Illustration, Gabriele de Simone and Niclas Bahn of Noise Industries, Alexandra Metral, Steve Hollinger, Tina Cassidy, Jill Palese, Doreen Hing, Elena Kazlas, Gitika Desai, and Camilla Brinkman.

And most importantly THANK YOU to those who keep things running: my DH (and fellow science nerd) Murray Robinson, “Coach” Elaine Davis, ASKlabs Development Associate Kat Hughes, and Drew Katz.


And most of all, many thanks to YOU - all of our supporters for playing: reading, watching, sharing, clicking, commenting, liking and spreading the love. You're the best!

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TOP OF PAGE PHOTO: Capitol Theater of Burlington Iowa (Facebook) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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