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Lightning Dreams - Delivered!

The making of this film has been an amazing journey, which began in San Francisco in 1997. It has been an incredible pleasure to work with Alan Gibbs and Noel Lane, and the entire Gibbs Family on this series of documentaries about the building of Gibbs Farm.

I had an excellent crew on this show, one I'm eager to work with again. New Zealand DP Scottie McKinnon delivered above and beyond. Editor Sabrina Zanella-Foresi, Composer Andrew Willis, and the Modulus crew: Eric Masunaga, Paul McGowan, Evan Schwenterly and Frank McDonnell on Color-Correction and HD Mastering, Damon Addleman the Re-Recording Mixer. And of course my trusty "Kitchen Cabinet" who reviewed numerous roughcuts and gave invaluable feedback: Murray Robinson, Steve Hollinger, Fritz Klaetke, Susan Battista, Polly Becker, Camilla Brinkman, Alexandra Metral, Gitika Desai, and Jocelyn Glatzer. Thanks to all!

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