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OK Greg, whatever you say, but do random nerds have magazine articles like this written about them?

POWER TRIPPING by David Pescowitz

MAKE MAGAZINE (Volume 11, Summer 2007)

Greg Leyh is the pre-eminent high-voltage expert and tesla coil guru responsible for building the Electrum sculpture, by artist Eric Orr for Gibbs Farm, New Zealand in 1998. He has since gotten his ambitious Lightning Foundry project underway which is an enormous twin tesla coil concept - and you guessed it - bigger than anything ever built before. Greg is known for his work with SF machine performance art group Survival Research Labs and the Burning Man Festival.

Greg will appear in-person at the Boston Museum of Science on November 7th, as part of the "Lightning Strikes" event film premiere of the documentary "Lightning Dreams: The Electrum at Gibbs Farm." On this evening, Greg will unveil his Lightning Foundry proposal.

Perhaps the Oatmeal would consider this idea for the new Nikola Tesla Science Center being planned in NY state.

Purchase your tickets in advance.

MOS event page:

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