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The film's world premiere at Boston's Museum of Science was a huge success; thank you to everyone who helped make it happen and all who came out and had a great time! It was great to see some of the "Lightning Dreams" Boston film crew: Eric Masunaga of Modulus Studios, and Composer P. Andrew Willis. Thanks to Museum of Science's David Rabkin, Lisa Monrose, Jennifer Garrett and Patricia Meegan and to Boston artist/inventor Steve Hollinger for making it all happen. Special shoutouts to everyone who participated in mad-scientist demonstrations and turned out Steampunk, and to our Steampunk fashion judges Tina Cassidy, Jill Palese, and Aricia Symes-Elmer. Thanks to Boston Globe reporters Ethan Gilsdorf for his wonderful piece in the BOSTON GLOBE (11/6/12) and June Wulff for featuring our event for the Globe's To-Do List (11/7/12) on the day of the event and to journalist Astrid Lium (@astridspeak) for our blog interview.

It was a terrific event. EVENT PHOTO GALLERY. The film was extremely well-received and was followed by high-voltage engineer Greg Leyh's presentation of his plans for the ambitious Lightning Foundry project. The museum's own resident high-voltage physicist Daniel Davis moderated a conversaton with Greg Leyh of Lightning on Demand and Survival Research Labs, and filmmaker Alberta Chu.  Afterwards, Daniel Davis amazed all with his Theater of Electricity show and mad-scientist demonstrations. Several lucky audience members including the winners of the Steampunk Fashion contest had their 15 seconds of fame in the Faraday Cage.

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