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#SCIART Current Events: Boston and Beyond

Photo Credit: David Maisel’s History’s Shadow Thanks to everyone who submitted to our BLUR Art & Science Pinterest Contest! Here are some ongoing and upcoming events in the world of Art and Science for you to check out: Ongoing at FACT Liverpool: Noisy Table, an interactive ping pong table which emits sound as games are played, and Winter Sparks, a show in which four new media artists play with electricity and Tesla coils (both shows until February 24). January 24: DIY BIO led by Romie Littrel at the Broad Art Center in Los Angeles January 24: Maya Lin speaks at the Central Library in Copley Square, Boston January 24: Brazilian animator Guilherme Marcondes presents the work from MIT Game Lab workshop at MIT Museum January 28: Science on Screen at the Coolidge Corner Theatre presents Wes Anderson’s Rushmore (1998) with a talk by Steven Schlozman, MD January 30: A Symposium with Gallery talk by Swiss Landscape Architects at Boston Architectural College February 6: LASER event at Stanford University with talks on various subjects as well as an exercise to encourage discussion of ongoing art and science projects. (Next event April 4.) February 14: Chemical Romance workshop led by Christina Agapakis at Broad Art Center in Los Angeles February 15: Compass Points: Joël Tettamanti opens at the MIT Museum with work that focuses on the impact of humans on their environment and landscape. February 16: Ocean Stories: A Synergy of Art and Science at the Museum of Science, Boston. February 25-March 24: Encounters Between Art and Science, an exhibit at The British Library by artists on the Art and Science MA programme at Central St Martins - the work is all inspired by the Library and its science collections, and runs alongside Inspiring Science, a series of events and workshops which runs from March 11 to March 24 at The British Library. Various events held by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences can be found here, taking place in California and Cambridge, MA. Various events held by the UCLA Art│Sci Center and Lab For more ideas about exhibits in the coming year, the Smithsonian blog Collage of Arts and Sciences has some recommendations too. So check out some of these events if they’re near you while we wait for the BLUR contest results!

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