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The Museum of Science's Theater of Electricity

The Theater of Electricity at the Boston Museum of Science is a very special place indeed. It houses 3 tesla coils, the world's biggest Van de Graaff generator, and a Faraday cage. Here's some background on the Theater of Electricity and its history. This couple held their Wedding there; I'm not making any promises, but the "Lightning Strikes" event reception should be pretty colorful, perhaps along these lines: Tesla Guitar Suit Video Actually, maybe you should bring your earplugs or some form of hearing protection...

I'm having a great time working with the MOS crew to plan the reception. High-voltage engineers Greg Leyh and the MOS' own Daniel Davis are cooking up some spectacular demos and experiments that hopefully involve some fun audience participation for the bravest among us. November 7th, 2012 is going to be an unforgettable evening - get your tickets now!

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