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Updated: May 26, 2020

Pulitzer Prize-winning cinematographer and photographer Vincent Laforet started his career at age 15 and has been steadily expanding the field and impressing just about everybody ever since. He is a forerunner in digital photography and filming with HD-capable DSLR cameras, has photographed for countless major newspapers and magazines, and writes an extremely popular (at least 3 million readers!!) blog featuring gear and tech reviews and other resources for fellow photographers and filmmakers. When I learned via Filmmakers Collaborative that Laforet would be speaking at the Arsenal Arts Center in Watertown, an event sponsored by Rule Boston Camera, I responded right away.

My introduction to Laforet’s work and cinematography/filmmaking blog came via Sean Meehan (at that time a Boston College film student and Canon DSLR enthusiast) who worked with me Winter of 2009/10 while I was posting "New Form at the Farm" and in pre-production for "Lightning Dreams." In fact, that introduction inspired the timelapse opening sequence for "Lightning Dreams.

Laforet opened with his Reel and I watched in appreciation along with the packed theater. I tried to live-tweet what I could of Laforet's terrific talk for those who weren’t there. Here's what I managed, embellished with some links from Laforet's website. I hope this is as inspiring for other photographers and filmmakers out there as I found it. Here's a compilation of my tweets you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa: #Laforet-#Storify

and someday I hope to own a really big print of this:

Photo by Vincent Laforet


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