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Experts only need apply: Reality TV Producers are seeking scientists with expertise in genetics, biology, zoology, primatology, and cave biology to appear on TV to voice their expert opinions on a new TV series in production. Cryptogenomics, anyone? Skeptics welcome. 

Multiple Emmy Award-winning Producer Jon Kroll, a longtime collaborator of ASKlabs, is looking for a few good scientists to guest on his new reality TV series, “Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.” SpikeTV and Lloyd’s of London are offering a $10 million reward for: "irrefutable evidence of the existence of a previously undiscovered non-human hominid native to North America and alive in the 21st century." The series aims to investigate both Bigfoot and the culture around the ongoing search for the mythical creature.

Also of interest are individuals with experience in biopsy darting, tracking and trapping, camera trapping, and entomology. The production has acquired a Qiagen DNA extraction kit for mobile use in the field. 

Shooting will take place very soon - from June 22 to July 21 in the Pacific Northwest, and 7 experts are needed for one week each during that time. Interested? Contact us ASAP. (** UPDATE 5/31/13 - Time is of the essence - get your info in ASAP to be considered for casting - CV, Headshot, and a letter would be good.)

We all know that Bigfoot only exists for *certain* folks, but we see this as a real opportunity for real scientists to debunk and put science on TV for international audiences! #scicomm #sciout

Email: or Twitter DM @asklabsalberta

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